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Adjusting your Trekking Poles

The first step is to adjust the poles to fit you. The object is to adjust so that the arm is held at approximately 90 degrees to the body, notice that as you go up hill the pole will need to be sorter, and as  you go down hill it will need to be longer.   (It would be approximately 3 to four inches difference depending on wheatear you are going up hill or down.)  These poles have a foam pad below the main grip, these can be used to drop you hand for short uphill runs, or you can do as we are going to do now. Adjust the poles for the average conditions.



1. Unlock" the upper and lower sections of both poles.
2. Extend the lower section of both poles to just below the maximum limit and "lock" the lower sections.
3. Stand up straight, with shoulders relaxed.
4. Place one pole under an arm and adjust the length so that the top of the pole is 2 - 3in below the armpit.
5. "Lock" the upper section of that pole in place.
6. Use the fully locked pole as a guide to adjust the length of your second pole so that they are the same length.
Completing this procedure should result in a pole length that is a good compromise for both uphill and down hill.
Adjusting the Wrist Straps
The wrist straps are critical to getting maximum efficiency from your poles. They should be adjusted so that when the hand is inserted through the loop, the wrist can comfortably apply pressure to the pole. It should not be necessary to grip the pole tightly with your hand in order to apply the pressure. Your thumb and fingers should merely form a "U" or an "O" around the grip. The area between the thumb and index finger becomes a point of articulation -- somewhat like the joint or a second elbow. While walking, the poles should act and feel as though the arms extend to the ground creating a second pair of legs. The poles should swing forward for the next step just as though they were legs. The grips can be used as necessary, but most of the time, the pressure on the poles should be applied through the wrist straps not the grip.
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